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Food Rescue Program

Some of our food industry partners include:

Food rescue, food recovery, food surplus, food waste. Many terms describe the same thing, and right now, food rescue is more important than it has ever been.

What is food rescue? It's when local food pantries pick up produce, bakery, already-made meals, and other perishable items that no longer meet grocery and convenience store standards. The food is pulled from store shelves when it is approaching its sell-by-date, or has a less-than-perfect appearance. Food rescue plays an important role in families having access to food. It also helps our environment by keeping food waste from occupying landfills.

The Urbandale Food Pantry's anytime room, which houses all of our food-rescue products, is available to our families daily. On an average day, 100+ individuals stop by and pick up food to feed their families. Fresh produce, bread, bakery, already-made meals or take-and-bake items help families get through the month until they are able to check-in again or receive other assistance.

We welcome ongoing partnerships and individual donations from organizations in and around the food industry. Food donations made in good faith are covered by the Good Samaritan Law and could entitle you to a tax deduction.

Driving Volunteers - Interested in being a volunteer who drives and picks up food rescue? Click here to learn more.

Help Feed the Hungry in Polk County

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