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Rising to the need of food insecurity means working to meet the current need while trying to anticipate the future. ​​Ultimately, we provide food to people in need, and the impact of that — whether you look at regional statistics or into the eyes of a thankful family — is measurable.

Food rescue  

In 2023 The Urbandale Food Pantry rescued over 515,000 pounds of food that otherwise would have discarded

Services footprint  

Families from 67 different zip codes received services from the Urbandale Food Pantry

Families served  

On average the pantry welcomes roughly 1,800 families to the pantry each month, and an additional 200 individuals with our food rescue room on a daily basis


Advocacy efforts are always at the forefront of our mind in trying to shift a narrative on who and why people access food. Did you know that 1 in 3 individuals we serve are under the age of 18 and over 650 for individuals a month are seniors.

What we provide  

To better serve our families in need the Urbandale Food Pantry is committed to sourcing, funding, and purchasing dairy, meat, and personal care items so families have consistent, guaranteed access to these vital necessities.

Community connection  

The Urbandale Food Pantry works hard to establish partnerships with local businesses to help fuel funding for operations and nourish our community.

Annual Report

Transparency is a key component in building trust and community. Because of your support and efforts we are able to nourish our communities. You help us, help others. See below for our annual reports and our efforts and impact throughout the years

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